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    by Luke Davenport


    You have created some iLogic rules, but running them with a right click ‘Run Rule’ is cumbersome and you’d like to be able to run a rule with a single click. Is this possible?



    Yes indeed it is nice and simple. Here’s my handy iLogic rule for reminding me of my name and employer on my return from summer holidays:


    MessageBox.Show("You are " & ThisApplication.UserName() & vbLf & "You work for " & _

    iProperties.Value("Summary", "Company"), "Handy Info",MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information)

    I can add this rule as a button by heading over to the ‘Forms’ tab, right clicking and hitting ‘Edit’

    Then I can pick the rule(s) in question and drag it/them to the right to add them as a button. I can also add an image and a tooltip to the button if required.

    I’ve chosen a suitable image

    Then I can run this rule with one click from the ‘Forms’ tab – and be prepared for any demanding questions.