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    by Luke Davenport



    I’ve been doing a fair amount of work in Autodesk Simulation CFD recently. While the visual quality of the results displayed in CFD is actually very good, did you know you can upgrade the visuals by exporting the lot to Showcase?


    There’s just one trick to it – you need to download and install the ‘Showcase Exporter’ app from the Simulation CFD Exchange Apps web store. Its free.



    Once this is installed, you should have an ‘Export FBX’ button in the ‘Add-Ins’ tab for Sim CFD. FBX is a format that can be imported and opened in Showcase.

    Any currently displayed traces (cylinders or ribbons that represent the fluid flow through the model), ISO surfaces and results planes will come through on the import into Showcase. Have an experiment with combining CFD and Non-CFD geometry, in order to show objects in real-world context. Results like the simple video below (and much better!) are only a few minutes work. A great tool!




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