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    by Luke Davenport

    I came across this iPart problem the other day and thought this might be of use to someone:

    What to do if you have created an iPart, generated each member file, and had a scout around for the parts in the Windows folder, only to discover that they have very strange names like this:

    These parts are supposed to be called Cadline1, Cadline2 etc, but the filename is actually including all of the properties in the ipart table as well!

    How has this occurred?

    Well with most these kind of iPart problems, the solution is very easy when you know how. Inventor needs to be told which column of the iPart table should be used as the filename. If you don’t specify, then in its infinite wisdom it decides to add ALL the columns to the filename! Fair play.

    1)  Simply go to the iPart table, right click any column and hit ‘File Name Column’.


    2) A handy ‘disk’ symbol will then appear in the filename column.


    3) Then generate the parts again (select all parts in table and RMB).


    4) Then head over to the Windows folder and delete the redundant files with the incorrect filenames

    5) And Bob's your Uncle.

    ‘Til next time…