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    by Luke Davenport

    In response to a specific customer request I have expanded the iLogic View Representations code I blogged a few months ago. The code allowed your assembly view representations to be automatically associative, pretty useful if you want to use them to filter your parts lists, or simply show different configurations of your assembly associatively in the model or drawing (I.e. they update when you add or remove components). However the code did have a limitation in that it only worked on the first 2 levels of the assembly. Hence if you had an assembly 3 levels deep (a subassembly containing a subassembly containing parts)  it wasn't much use. However fret no more – I've added another layer on to the code. As you can see from the picture above, it will now auto-create, check, and update 3 level assemblies.


    The code for all 6 updated iLogic rules can be downloaded below


    If all of this means nothing to you but sounds intriguing please check out my 3 part blog series (I have included the complete with step-by-step videos from this series below). 


    Hope you find this useful!

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