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    by Luke Davenport

    Hello comrades – Topic of the day today is – how do you use iLogic to control the active sheet metal rule for an entire assembly of parts all at once?

    Well there is a simple line of code in the standard iLogic snippets that goes as follows:


    This is a lovely addition and works a treat when run in a single part file. However in this case, what I’m looking at is the ability to have a simple drop down list on a form in your assembly file, which allows you to select from a list of sheet metal rules that you have created. Once you select from the list the rule then finds any sheet metal parts within that assembly and changes the active sheet metal rule for them.

    Well there’s certainly some information on the forums for this, but I haven’t found anyone producing a nice rule with some helpful error checking, so here we go. The code pasted below should work for assemblies with mixed sheet metal and non-sheet metal parts, and will give you a heads up if it comes across any errors (such as if you try to run the code in a part file instead of in an assembly – although I like to think all my blog readers are way too smart for that right? yes?)

    Check out this video that shows the whole process



    Ps. As always, make sure that when you paste this code into an iLogic rule you remove any line spaces that it creates – if you have a line gap on some of the lines it’ll throw up an error.


    'Start of iLogic code


    'Check whether open document is an assembly and exit rule if not

    oDoc = ThisDoc.ModelDocument

    If oDoc.DocumentType = kPartDocumentObject Then

    MessageBox.Show("This rule can only be run in an assembly file - exiting rule", "iLogic")


    End If


    'Define assembly

    Dim oAsmCompDef As AssemblyComponentDefinition

    oAsmCompDef = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument.ComponentDefinition


    'Check ActiveRule parameter exists


        If Parameter("ActiveRule") Is Nothing Then

        End If


    MessageBox.Show("You need to create a multivalue parameter called 'ActiveRule' in this assembly" & _

    " for this code to work", "iLogic",MessageBoxButtons.Ok,MessageBoxIcon.Information,MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1)

    Return 'Exit rule

    End Try


    'Iterate through the occurrences in assembly

    i = 0

    Dim ErrorList As New List (Of String)

    Dim oOccurrence As ComponentOccurrence

    For Each oOccurrence In oAsmCompDef.Occurrences


        'check it is a sheet metal component

        If oOccurrence.Definition.Type = 150995200 Then

        i = 1

        Dim oSheetMetalCompDef As SheetMetalComponentDefinition

        oSheetMetalCompDef = oOccurrence.Definition

        'change active sheet metal rule


        End If


        'error checking


        End Try



    'Inform user which parts have failed to update if there are any errors

    Dim ErrorListNew As String = String.Join(vbLf, ErrorList)

    If Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(ErrorListNew) Then

    MessageBox.Show("Failed to update the following sheet metal parts: " & vbLf & vbLf & ErrorListNew & "." & vbLf & vbLf & _

    "Please check there is a sheet metal rule called '" & ActiveRule & "' available in these parts" & _

    " and spelled correctly!" , "Error!",MessageBoxButtons.Ok,MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation,MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1)

    End If


    'Inform user if no sheet metal components are present in the assembly

    If i = 0 Then

    MessageBox.Show("No Sheet Metal Components are in the Current Assembly", "Title")

    End If


    'End of iLogic code




    Comments from our old site

    16 Dec 2013 18:31

    atotiace said:

    This works if you want to change all of the sheet metal style uniformly. But what if you would like to change each sheet metal part in the assembly to different styles?

    17 Dec 2013 07:37

    LukeDavenport said:

    Hi atotiace,

    How would this work from an interface point of view? You could certainly add a quick modification to the code to throw up an input box (with a list of available sheet metal styles) for each sheet metal component found in the assembly, but in my mind that might be frustrating from a user point of view (to wade through dozens of choices when you might only want to change one or two). A nice method might be to prompt the user to select a sheet metal component and allow instant selection from a list. Perhaps I'll do a blog on this. Thanks for your comment. Luke



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