2D Spiral Equation Curve In Inventor 2013

Zen Admin
Zen Admin

by Luke Davenport

That age-old Inventor question: How do you draw a 2D spiral curve? There’s no command for it so various Inventor forum users have created heroic (but mostly convoluted) workarounds over the years. Will equation curves in Inventor 2013 come to the rescue? Well yes they do – it’s a whole lot simpler this way.

So I’ve created a spiral using my very own polar equation curve, and discovered along the way that you can use parameters in there! Happy days, so download the part file at the bottom of the page if you are in need of a spiral curve for any reason. Just adjust the ‘Spacing’ and ‘Rotations’ parameters as required. I’ve added an iLogic form to make this even easier if you like. Enjoy!

Download the 2D Spiral Equation File below

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