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    by Liam O'Connor

    Just a quick explanation of the differences between and Panel and a Contour and how to tell them apart.

    Panels and Contours have “Two lines” around them as you create them. Once line is called the “Boundary” and the other line is called the “Indicator”.

    On a Panel the outer line is the “Boundary” and the inner line is the “Indicator”.

    The reverse is true for a Contour, the inner line is the “Boundary” and the outer is the “Indicator”

    Official the two lines are supposed to be quiet distinguishable by their thickness on the screen, although I can never tell on my screen.

    The easiest way to tell is to hover over the two lines and if the name appears for the outer line it’s a Panel. If the name appears for inner line it’s a Contour.



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