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    by Kim Hyde


    …. Create your search and save it

    Using the find tool, set the advanced find criteria, this example shows Category Name selected and a specific folder (Cadline).  Note that you may add multiple criteria if you wish.

    You can use the `Find Now’ button to give you an instant result, make sure to save the search.  This will then appear under My Search Folders in the Vault Browser.

    Any time then you click on the saved search folder, the results will be displayed:

    Step – 2

    To create a report from the saved search, simply right-click over the folder and select `Report’.

    A select of default `rdcl’ templates are selectable, I’ve used a modified one here that displays our Cadline logo and reports on the lifecycle states of the files; once OK is selected the report will be created.



    Note that the report window contains a number of controls; the image scale here is set to 75%.  Note too that the `tree’ selection allows quick access to those files in WIP or Released.

    Step – 3

    If you wish to create an xls format, select the export button from the Report window.

    Select a name and location of the file.

    Viewing the xls will display two sheets, with the category short-cuts shown on sheet-1 and the data on sheet-2.




    I will cover editing the report templates in a later Blog.

    Happy Vaulting!!



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