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    by Kim Hyde


    When helping customers with Autodesk Vault upgrades Cadline always recommend checking on the current Vault statistics via ADMS; some are often shocked to see a high count against `Largest Version’ (I have witnessed some Vaults that this figure is in the hundreds!).

    Those looking at maintenance issues related to the capacity for Vault file-store storage will want to keep this to a minimum.

    Being aware that your Vault contains files with a high version count may be one thing, but how to you identify which files are the culprits?!

    For those using any of the Autodesk Vault products (including Vault Basic) and are interested in a really simple way to find and monitor high version counts … read on!

    Vault’s Advanced Find

    Using the Vault Client, first select the Root (Project Explorer $) folder to ensure you are searching the whole Vault.

    Select the `Find’ tool (Standard toolbar, Tools menu or Ctrl+F)   

    First select `Files’ from the drop-down list for the `Look For:’ category, then sing the Advanced tab, select `version’ from the property list.  From the Condition: users can select greater than (>), or equal or greater than (>=).  The Find Now button instigates an instant search.

    Use ` Go to folder’ from right-click menu over the result selection to locate which Vault folder in which the file is stored.

    Use the Save button to store in `My Search Folders’


    Happy Vaulting!


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    James Mabe

    Correct me if im wrong but this is based on version numbers only right?, not how many actual version or files..--- is there a way for the advanced search to return how many files? such as: "Number" of Versions" >5 (in other words how many files are there as opposed to a search based on version number)

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