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by Kim Hyde


Autodesk introduced `Data Standards’ for Vault 2014 as an extension application for Subscription Users and it has already made in impact for those wishing to implement disciplines for company standard properties via dialog controls.  Those with a little programming `savvy’ have not only been able to automate and control property entry required in Vault from CAD applications, but have also been able to add additional functionality to the Vault Client UI such as the CAD BOM and Data Sheet tabs seen in the above images.  (Note that the BOM information is taken from the file information without using Vault Pro’s Items!).


For those of you who have recently upgraded to Vault Professional or Workgroup 2015 and are expecting that this technology extension to be incorporated in the install  … it isn’t … however, it can be found as a download from the following link:


Data Standards extensively uses .xmal (pronounced `Zammel’) format files, refer to the following link for comprehensive information regarding Data Standards:


It’s also worth a mention that the product was acquired from CoolOrange and was formerly known as `MyView’; refer to the following CO Blog link for their own `fount of wisdom’:

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