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    by Kim Hyde

    Vault users are sometimes confused when viewing files (even those recently checked-in) when the following message appears: ! Warning: This visualization file is considered to be legacy data.  Use Update View

    This message is produced by default because the dwf/dwfx image file attached to the original data was produced by the CAD application (e.g. Inventor, AutoCAD) NOT by Vault itself.  After using the Update View, either by manual or automatic means, the warning is removed.


    The Easy Solution

    The majority of users who prefer to stick to the routine of creating the dwf data on check-in would benefit by turning off this warning.  To do this log into Vault Explorer using Administrator rights, then select Tools > Vault Settings.  From the Visualization tab, select `Define’, then tick the box`Turn off the warning that occurs when the DWF is not system generated’.

    The next time a CAD drawing is checked-in, no warning will be displayed.

    Happy Vaulting!



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