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    by Kim Hyde

    An ever increasing number of customers using Autodesk Vault Professional now operate over multiple Vault sites (either Nationally or Internationally) to connect their design groups in real-time.  The general `Globalization’ of design operations has dictated a high demand on companies to utilize their resources from office-to-office and across different time-zones.


    Vault Professional’s ability as a data management product has proved the perfect solution to share, edit and manage designs via a common platform.


    Whether using a single or multiple SQL models, managed files are replicated to a scheduled frequency; in addition, files added to one location can be replicated `on-demand’ for immediate access.  With this in mind, I have created the following information and images to help user identify if a file is replicated (available on the local site being accessed), and a general search tool to see the status for all files current not replicated.


     Turning on the `Files Replicated’ property column.


    Start by customizing the top `folder content’ window by right-clicking over one of the column headers, then select Fieldsand add the File Replicated property (arranged in a suitable order).

    Files currently not replicated are displayed as a glyph and roll-over indicators

    If a file is accessed via Get or Check-Out, the user is prompted to get an immediate copy to their local site `on-demand’

    Once the file is copied, the indicators will be updated to show the file is available on the local site:

    Creating and saved search to indicate all Vaulted files not currently replicated.


    Using the search window set up the parameters as follows (use the save function on completion, create a suitable name):


    Property =           File Replicated

    Condition  =        is false

    Saved search appears under the folder `My saved searches’



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