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    by Kim Hyde

    Autodesk introduced the VIEWBASE command in standard AutoCAD in the previous 2013 release, a great tool for those wishing to use standard AutoCAD by preference to create and annotate views linked to their Inventor models.

    However, those using AutoCAD Mechanical and wishing to use standard views created via the Mechanical Browser may have found that the Inventor (*.ipt and *.iam) are missing from the extensive range of available formats when first using the Import tool in Model-Space.

    To correct this it will be necessary to the installation via Control Panel > Programs and Features.  Locate the AutoCAD Mechanical 2014 application, select Uninstall / Change, then select `Add or Remove Features’ from the installation media dialog.  Select the tick-box for Autodesk Inventor Link, then the Update button to complete the changes.

    The user should find that the export tool AMVIEWOUT to create `flattened’ 2D AutoCAD drawings will work successfully.



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