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    by Kim Hyde

    When you select something on your PC do you click on the item once, or do you double-click?  … sometimes it’s the difference from the function working or not working!

    I have come across problems with users of Vault checking-out files when really all they wanted to do is look at it (this is particularly true for new users to the application).  Sometimes checking-out large assemblies AND saying `yes’ to checking-out all dependencies can cause real problems when sharing designs.

    Keeping an eye on some fundamentals here, it’s worth understanding the difference between the functions of `Open’ and `View in Window...’

    Right-click on any file in Vault displays the context menu with `Open’ listed in bold text , `View in Window ..’ in standard text:

    Firstly (as default) if you double-click a file or right-click and select `Open’ is does the same thing … well actually two things!  It copies a file to your workspace AND prompts a yes or no for a check-out:

    Performing a check-out on any file will effectively place a `reserve’ on the file to the user preventing any other users from working on the Vaulted file.

    Alternatively, if the user selects `View in Window …’ to quote `Ronseal’ … “it does exactly what it says on the tin”!; Vault will run a related application and DOES NOT copy a file to the workspace. 

    A clear advantage for just viewing files for checking etc. without cluttering-up your PC.  Another advantage when viewing Autodesk CAD data, because Design Review is used as the viewing engine, the different vaulted versions stored in the Vault are selectable: 

    Changing the Default

    To change the default for double-click from Open to View in Window, select the Vault Options via the Tools menu, when applied this also changes the right-click menu making View in Window bold:

    To clarify what mean as a `related application’, the following list applies for common file formats:

    .doc, .docx                       Microsoft Word

    .pdf                                 Adobe Reader

    All Inventor files                Autodesk Design Review

    All AutoCAD dwg’s             Autodesk Design Review



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