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    by Justin Doughty

    I recently had some recurring support calls, so I thought I would compile a few of the most common calls recently.


    In Revit you may find you cannot place an item and it seems as though your icons are all greyed out.

    The solution is to look for the green tab, this shows a command is already in progress, and needs to be finished before you can proceed:


    In AutoCAD you may prefer the classic versions of certain commands, with a dialog box rather than a ribbon menu.

    For hatch you can get this by entering T after the HATCH command:

    For other commands start to type CLASSIC, and you will get a list, probably one of the most important is ARRAYCLASSIC:


    A common AutoCAD question is How do I copy layouts between drawings? My preferred method is to use Design Center (ADCENTER command)

    Open both drawings and switch to the drawing that needs the layout. Run design center and click on the open drawings tab. Find the layout needed from the other drawing and right click add layout:





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