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    by Justin Doughty

    Most Revit users are confident using the View Range to change the cut plane of their walls. Some users however experience problems with this if walls are low or not full height.
    This problem relates to something that is hard coded into Revit, rather than purely View Range. Below is an explanation of the problem and a suggested workaround.
    Below are two identical walls, the top wall is 2000mm unconnected height, and cuts with the cut plane as expected. The bottom wall is 1999.9mm unconnected height, and does not display as expected.
    All walls under 2000mm unconnected height, are hard coded in to Revit to behave like this.
    The workaround to get this to display correctly is to set the top constraint to the same level as the base constraint, and then set the top offset as your required height:



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