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by Justin Doughty

Following on from my previous blog on Autodesk Recap 360, I decided to run the same set of photos through Autodesk Project Memento, which is a Tech Preview available from the Autodesk Labs. Click on the link to learn more.

As Recap 360, this followed the same process of uploading the series of photos through the application, processing the image in the cloud and when finished you can access the 3D model generated. This took around 4 hours to process in the cloud.

To start with the model had several “holes” across the model, which was a little less impressive than Recap 360. With the latest version of Project Memento, this lets you automatically detect and fix multiple holes in the model in one go:This also shows the very minimal interface to Project Memento, that lets you utilize the whole of your screen to view the model.

The results are far more complete than Recap 360, including all corners of the room and the ceiling:I think the most impressive part, was the level of detail Project Memento was able to produce over Recap 360, you can even read some of the text in the image:

The main feature of Project Memento is its ability to create a 3D mesh from the photos, this allows you to export in several formats. I tested this mesh into 3DS Max:

Along with the addition of editing tools, and export options, Project Memento provided results that were far more “usable” for my workflow.

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