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    by Justin Doughty

    The Batch plot or Publish command is very useful when producing prints of multiple drawings, which most users are familiar with.

    However when it comes to publishing multiple drawings, all with the same page setup, this is where more steps are needed. I have had many support questions regarding this, and thought a quick guide would help.

    The steps below show you how to apply one page setup to several sheets in the batch plot/publish facility.

    In drawing 1 create a page setup that is required for all prints:

    Then in Publish you will have the following:

    Then on the next drawing page setup click IMPORT:

    Now navigate to where drawing 1 is saved, and select it for import.

    The page setup from drawing 1 will now be available for all other drawings in the publish command:

    This one page setup can now be applied to all of the sheets added in the publish command.

    To do this in bulk, you can even select multiple sheets with the usual windows selection methods of CTRL or Shift, and then apply the page setup.


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