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by Justin Doughty

With the recent introduction of Autodesk Vehicle Tracking, there has been various questions regarding it’s installation and configuration.

I thought would be useful to group together some of the most common questions and their answers below.

One of the main questions we are asked about the product, is to do with computability of standalone and network licenses for Autodesk Vehicle Tracking. Autodesk have provide a table of the supported combinations:

Table of Supported Licence combinations for Autodesk Vehicle Tracking

When a network versions of Autodesk Vehicle Tracking is installed, you may find the software gives you a licence error:

How to correct Autodesk Vehicle Tracking "Failed to retrieve a licence" error

Previous users of the software  have asked “where is the European Car content?”

These are available and can be downloaded on the Autodesk Subscription Center



Some people may have previously used AutoTrack, and already have custom vehicle libraries:

How to transfer Custom Vehicle Libraries from AutoTrack into Autodesk Vehicle Tracking


Once Autodesk Vehicle Tracking is installed, the new Menu and Ribbon may not always appear for this:

Menu and ribbon missing after installation of Vehicle Tracking in AutoCAD