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    by Justin Doughty

    Filters in Revit can be very useful to display a wide variety of visual differences in views, especially when working with Revit MEP.

    I was recently asked by a colleague if we could visually differentiate between Ductwork at different heights, but on the same system.

    The steps below show how I did this with Filters, using an very basic example of 2 ducts at 2750mm and 3500mm elevations.


    Go to the Visibility/Graphics Overrides in the view properties (VG), Filters tab and Click Edit/New:

    Here we create a New filter and give it a suitable name, then pick the categories the filter applies to, finally specify the rules required:

    Then the Filter can be added to the view, and an override applied:

    Both ducts are on the same system, however now the filter applies a different appearance to ducts above the elevation set:

    This is just one example of using the filter in Revit MEP, however the filter can be customized to display any of the categories and parameters available.