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    by Justin Doughty

    When working with various formats in Navisworks, you may be required to bring a 3D .dwfx file into your existing Navisworks project.

    After appending the .dwfx file you may notice the model has been inserted at a different orientation to the rest of your project and has been rotated 90° about the X axis.

    This is a known issue with the software, however only in the exact instance where you append a .dwfx AFTER other model information. If you append a .dwfx first, to a new project, this does not happen.

    Below is a simplified example:

    To easily correct this, right click the .dwfx file and select Units and Transform:

    Then rotate the model to the correct orientation (in my example this is 90° about: 1, 0, 0)

    The .dwfx is then orientated correctly.