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    by Clint Brown

    Yesterday, while I was in the office, one of my colleagues asked me a question about Aligned Section Views in AutoCAD 2013, and I thought that I would share the answer on my blog.

    In AutoCAD, when you create Section Views from 3D models in a layout (PaperSpace) from a model in ModelSpace, or inserted from Inventor

    It is not exactly obvious as to how you would break the alignment of this section view to look something like the image below.

    The trick is to click on the view, and then to click on the blue square in the middle of the view, this shows up some options (admittedly very briefly), but you will see the prompt that says “Press Shift to cycle between: -Maintain Alignment – Break Alignment)

    If you click on Shift, you will now be able to move the view, similarly, if you click on a view that has already had its alignment broken, by clicking on shift, and dragging, you are able to re-align the view.