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    by Clint Brown

    Pushing models from Inventor to Showcase was not always the easiest job in older versions of the software, but with the new 2013 suites, it is really quick and easy. inventor 2013 has now got a single click button that sends your model straight to Showcase!

    The only challenge, is that depending on the model, sometimes they go in on their side, some people would then use transform handles to pull the model over, but this can cause havoc with Behaviours created from constraints. This was also true from models imported into Showcase in the earlier releases.

    Here is the best workflow to move re-orient the model (shown in 2013), it may be slightly different in 2009 - 2012 as there have been several UI changes through the releases, but hopefully my instructions will be universal.

    To get to the model import status window, use the keyboard shortcut ‘i’ (this works in all versions) then right click on the model and select 3d Model Properties (in older versions of Showcase this was called Settings). Then select the up-Axis. This should re-orient the model for you.




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