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    by Justin Doughty

    Missing windows or dialogue boxes within Autodesk products have become a very common problem recently.

    This issue is increasing with the rise in people using multiple displays or regularly switching between different display formats, for example when using a laptop with a projector or display. Also with limited amount of screen space, dialogue boxes can be easily moved off of screen or misplaced whilst trying to get a clearer view of your model.

    A good indicator of this problem is if you have entered a command or clicked an icon, expecting the usual dialogue box to appear and nothing happens or the command is still active.

    So when this problem occurs try the following:

    Hold ‘ALT’ and press ‘SPACE’

    Then release

    Now press ‘M’

    Now either hold left click on the mouse and move around OR use the arrow keys, until the dialogue box comes back into view.


    This is a very handy function of Microsoft Windows, that can be used on various applications. 


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