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    by Clint Brown

    I have been asked what the best workflow is for creating showcase files for designs that are Vaulted. The best workflow is to use the files that are located in your local Vault workspace inside of Showcase. To do this, you will need to follow the following workflow:

    1)      From the Vault Explorer, search for the file in Vault (this will be the latest Vaulted Version)

    2)      “Get” the file (this will copy the files you need to the local Vault workspace)

    3)      In Showcase import the model from your local Vault workspace


    In the event of changes to the CAD model you will need to follow the following procedure:

    1)      Search for the original CAD file in Vault

    2)      “Get” the files

    3)      In Showcase, under “File”, select “Import” then “Import Status Window”


    The file should now show that it needs an update


    Click on “needs update” and the file should now show that it is converting

    If the file does not show that it needs an update, try reopening it first, if this fails, then follow the same workflow as above, but this time, click on replace and point it to the original file in the workspace.

    As this is the same file, it should remember all of the scenes, materials, alternates etc.



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