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    by Clint Brown

    A couple of months back, we received a support call from a customer about putting the mass of an assembly onto his Assembly BOM. This is one of those calls that would have been impossible to do within Inventor before iLogic came along.

    Luke and I had a bit of a Chat about the call and decided that the easiest way to do this, would be to pass the assembly mass to the custom iProperties of a virtual component. The idea being that the Assembly template file would have a virtual component added to it, so that all new assemblies would have the mass already calculated in the assembly file. This was really easy to do, and worked very well, all you need to do, is add a virtual component to your current assembly (or assembly template), make sure that it’s name matches the code below (VIRTUAL PART), and then create an iLogic rule and add in the code below. The last thing to do, is to map the custom iProperty (assembly Mass) back to your Assembly BOM,

    iProperties.Value("VIRTUAL PART","Custom","Assembly Mass") = iProperties.Mass

    Check out the video here:



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