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    by Clint Brown

    I have been using the FEA tools in Inventor quite a bit lately and I have come up with 2 cool workflows that may not be apparent to the casual user, but could prove to be quite useful.

    The first one is the use of iLogic forms and FEA, now the big thing here is that we are going to use forms to do 2 things, one is to use a form to show results, which is a bit strange, as we usually use forms for inputting  data, but in this example, we are going to use a form in conjunction with our results panel. In the image below we see the Von Mises results on the results panel, and then on Form 1 we see Von Mises, as well as Maximium Deflection and Safety factors.

    I have created a workflow video showing how this all works, this can be accessed here:

    The next part of my blog, is all about sharing FEA results in Design review, have a look at the video, I talk you through what is possible, and how it all works!

    One minute quick tip for using DWF’s with FEA results



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