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    by James Philip

    When you have linked files time can be saved by copying various objects from the linked file, i.e. Grids, Levels and MEP objects. Even if the latter are not going to be the same items it is easier to copy the from the linked file which will ensure exact positioning and monitoring, then change the type to the one you require.

    This is the process I will outline below.

    Open the file and link the file with objects you wish to copy. In my case I have opened my MEP model and linked in my Architectural Model. I have opened the reflected ceiling plan because it is the lights in the Architects model I wish to copy.


    Navigate to the Collaborate and chose the Copy/Monitor tool.



    Then choose select link and pick an object in the linked file.

    The ribbon changes to the one shown. Then select the copy button.


    The multiple checkbox is on the options bar below the ribbon and you must put a tick in the box.

    You can now drag select the objects you wish to copy.


    Use the filter tool to unselect unwanted picked items




    Then select OK. You must select the finish on the options bar first before selecting the green tick finish on the Ribbon.



    The monitoring symbol appears on each of the copied objects




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