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    by Chris Turner

    Vault Professional adds the ability to do simple engineering change orders (ECO) and track the changes through the change cycle. A report can be extracted afterwards that records the change order and who did what and when.

    Users in the Vault can be put into participating groups for the ECO and be given certain roles. These include:-

    -          Change Requester – Person who can raise and change order

    -          Change Administrator – Person who can modify the change order and effectively close it

    -          Responsible Engineer – Person who can make the required changes and then submit it for Review

    -          Reviewer – Person can view and comment

    -          Approver – Person who can review, accept and reject the change order

    -          Notification User – Person who will receive details by email when the ECO is closed


    Check out my video showing a simple change order involving myself and a couple of colleague’s.






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