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    by Chris Turner

    After spending over an hour trying to ‘FIX’ my Vault Pro 2015 User Interface, I thought I would blog this and maybe save others some time.

    I found that the CHANGE CATEGORY and REVISE buttons were no longer displayed on the menu’s in their usual place. I was convinced my profile was corrupt or something and did various web searches, repairs, uninstalls, reinstalls, reboots and also a new install on a VM image. Even googling a bit, there was nothing obvious initially.

    Eventually I came across an article in the Autodesk Community that confirms that this is normal and the default case. These two buttons have been removed in order to limit the clutter of the user interface. If you would like to use these commands, you can still find them under the ACTION drop down.

    Alternatively, if you like to use them often like I do, you can always customise the UI and add them manually yourself. A little fiddly, but I got it sorted in no time.

    Note that ‘Revise’ is now CHANGE REVISION.


    The comments below are from our old site

    Chris - How did you add the Change Category icon?

    Hello Craig

    The customisation is a little fiddly, but not difficult. Just select the little dropdown next to the Autodesk Exchange Apps Website icon ADD OR REMOVE BUTTONS>CUSTOMISE. The Customisation dialog pops up. Pick the COMMANDS tab and then under Categories select ACTIONS. The Commands on the right like CHANGE CATEGORY will be listed. Simply Drag and drop it where you want it to go in the UI.

    TIP: If you find that the commands like Change Category are not listed as you would expect, just make sure you select on a file in the Vault Explorer before doing the Customisation. The available commands to customise seem to only be available depending on your current selection in the Vault UI.







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