Autodesk Inventor 2015 Translators

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Zen Admin

by Chris Turner

With Inventor 2015, some of the major translators like SolidWorks, Catia and Parasolid have been updated to now read and write higher versions.

This is great news for customers who are in a multiCAD environment.


Inventor 2015 Translators now support the following versions: -

You can now import: -

  • CATIA V5 version R6 through V5-6R2013.
  • Parasolid version up to 26.0.
  • JT version 7.0 through 10.0.
  • SolidWorks version 2001 plus through 2014.

You can now also export:  -

  • CATIA V5 version R10 through V5-6R2013.
  • Parasolid version 9.0 to 26.0.
  • JT version 7.0 through 10.0.

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