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    by Chris Turner

    You have Vault Client installed and working okay, however there is no Vault Tab, menu or Add-In within Autodesk Inventor / AutoCAD or even Microsoft Office.

    This is a very common question and we still receive it frequently.

    It’s usually down to an install issue, and mostly can happen depending on the order you install your applications.

    You should be able to fix this easily, by doing the following:-

    You will need administrator privileges!


    Right Click on the Vault Client Application installed (I am using Vault Professional 2015 Client here) and Select UNINSTALL/CHANGE.

    When the Vault Client install window comes up select ADD OR REMOVE FEATURES


    In this next dialog box, you can TICK and select the FEATURES you want to ADD or REMOVE. Then click UPDATE.

    You may get prompted for the original Product Design Suite Software Media, so have it handy.

    After you have done this, it should now be working.