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    by Chris Turner

    Did you know about this feature in the Inventor Vault Add-in? It's actually a great tool which allows you to view vaulted versions and/or documents associated with a selected file.

    Just simply Right-Mouse-Button click the file in the Inventor Model/Vault Browser and select 'Show Details'.


    From here on the Details dialog box, select the 'History' Tab.

    This is great how you can find any of the details you need to know about from the file selected.

    Also select 'Show All Versions' if required or even display and customise the columns to display any Vault property.


    From the 'Where-Used' Tab, you can display all associated and linked files to the selected file.

    This is particularly useful and very important when investigating the 'impact of the change' that you are making.


    You can even 'Open' the associated files using the RMB.

    Try it and I'm sure it will become a tool that you use often. It will also save you time from having to flick back to the Vault Client itself.