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    by Chris Turner

    Often when I demonstrate and even train Vault Basic, a lot of people don’t realise that one can very easily associate one file to another in the Vault.

    For example, I would like to add/associate a document to another file with certain specifications/results etc. I can easily do this.


    Here is a small assembly made up of a few components.

    If I want to perhaps add some calculations that I did to a file for future reference, all I need do is select the file in the Vault and then pick the Paperclip icon.

    Select Attach and simply browse for the file in the Vault.

    Next Select OK and job done! :-)

    The USES of the file now lists the attached and associated file.

    Similarly, if you select the document in the Vault, it can also show you where a file is being used (WHERE USED).

    If you open the file in Inventor, you are aware of the file association too!

    Another great reason to use Vault! Even if it’s just the Vault Basic :-)




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