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    The Nvidia Quadro 2000 graphics card is reporting as not certified in the performance tune log.


    3D Device


    Name : NVIDIA Quadro 2000

    Manufacturer : NVIDIA

    Chip set : Quadro 2000

    Memory : 656 MB

    Driver : 9.18.0013.3182

    Your machine contains a 3D Device that is not certified.


    I can confirm that if you have loaded and installed the latest driver from the Autodesk Certified Hardware site and the tune log shows the driver version number as installed all is fine.
    The statement ""our machine contains a 3D Device that is not certified."" can be ignored.
    The tune log compares the information in the ""AdskHwCertificationDatabase.xml"" database against the installed hardware. For some reason the Quadro 2000 device is not identified correctly.

    Additional information about the Certified Hardware topic can be found in the Autodesk Knowledge Network or blog posts:



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