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    How can I set the network licenses to timeout?


    License timeout is set in the options file to determine how long a product session can be idle before the license is reclaimed by the license server. When you set this flag in the options file, a user's license is reclaimed by the license server if the product is idle on a computer for more than the timeout period you define.

    If a user's license is lost because of the idle timeout, the product attempts to claim a new license once the user uses the product again. If no license is available, the user can save work before the product shuts down.

    License timeout is not supported by all Autodesk products. But for those that are it is a great way to household on licenses.

    Any of the following activity in the active application prevents the client workstation from being idle:

    · Any keystroke.

    · Any mouse click.

    · Any command, Lisp expression, menu macro or script in progress.

    · Any Modal dialog box opened (a dialog box which needs to close before continuing to other tasks).

    Unfortunately the Automatic save functionality triggers a command activity. Thus it can take longer time than the minimum timeout before the license is available for others.

    The lowest acceptable value for timeout of Autodesk products is 900 seconds (15 minutes).

    - To create an options file, open a plain text editor like notepad and enter the example below. The following sets the timeout for 15 minutes


    - Make sure you then save the file as adskflex.opt in the same location as your Autodesk license file. Make sure file extensions are enabled to determine if a .txt has been appended. If so, simply rename the file so that it has a .opt extension

    - Open LMTOOLS and go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab and choose ReRead License File. This will enable the options file that you just saved



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