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Our process engineers have decided to rename a bunch of the drawings in our AutoCAD P&ID project. What is the best way to do this?


Follow the steps below:

Open AutoCAD P&ID and open your project.
Select the drawings located in your P&ID folder, and Remove them.
Audit the project. (This will clear the database and when you copy the new drawings to the project it will populate with new drawing names.)
Exit AutoCAD P&ID
Rename the drawings in windows explorer.
Reopen AutoCAD P&ID.
Reopen your Project.
Right click on your P&ID Drawings folder and select Copy Drawings to Project (find the drawings you renamed) and add to P&ID Drawings folder.

Page Connectors will not connect because of the change in drawing names. So, Page Connectors will have to be reconnected.

Alternatively, you could always just setup a clean new project then copy the drawings to the new project. That would ensure the database is clean.