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    When I export my drawings to AutoCAD from Revit the text has a background mask applied. Is there a setting within Revit I can set so all text doesn’t have a background mask when exported?


    Yes, you can either select the text you wish not to have the background mask or can set it when you create the text type. This can be done as follows:

    Select the Ribbon (TAB) ► Text (Panel) ►Text
    Then in the Properties window select Edit Type
    In the Type Properties window which should now be on screen, select the Text type from the drop down list or create a new one.
    Then under Graphics ►Background, click Opaque and switch it to Transparent.

    Now when you export you’re AutoCAD drawings all the text you put on that text type won’t have as background mask applied.

    Please note this doesn’t work for text that is embedded inside in placed families and you will need to go into those families to do the same process."