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    Not liking AutoCAD’s method of cycling method of overlapping objects? Or is AutoCAD’s selection process not doing what it did before?


    Check the Selectioncycling (SC) button at the bottom of the screen or type in SELECTIONCYCLING variable and adjust as desired. (Zero is Off, One is on) – This is only available in AutoCAD 2012 and later.

    If you desire legacy functionality there is the LEGACYCTRLPICK variable that controls whether you need to press the shift & spacebar to toggle manual selection of objects or not. Setting to 0 will enable you to use the CTRL + left-click behaviour to select sub objects (faces, edges, and vertices) on 3D solids. Whereas setting to 1 will permit CTRL + left-click to cycle through overlapping objects. And disallows using CTRL + left-click to select sub objects on 3D solids.



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