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    Can I copy Piping Fittings between Catalogs in Plant 3D?



    Yes. You quite simply copy the component from the source catalog and paste it into the target catalog.

    The procedure is as follows:

    Open the Spec Editor and open the source catalog.
    Click on the Catalog Editor tab.
    In the Catalog Browser panel, select the component that you wish to copy.
    Right-click and choose Copy.
    Open the target catalog.
    In the Catalog Browser panel, right-click and choose Paste.
    Click the Save to Catalog button then Save the catalog.

    You can copy both parametric components and block-based components and mix and match metric and imperial sizes in the same target catalog.

    Note: if you are copying block-based components, ensure that you have created the catalog content folders for the target catalog before you paste in the new components.