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    Can I update a Pipe Spec that is currently in use by Plant 3D?



    If you are currently using a Pipe Spec in Plant 3D and need to update it you will notice that the Spec Editor will allow you to open it. You will be able to modify it without warning but when you try to save the changes, you will be informed that you are attempting to save a Read-only file; you can then save the spec with a new name or cancel the changes.

    The way around this is to first copy the spec files from the Spec Sheets folder of your project into another folder, copy both the .pspc and .pspx files. Edit the spec in the new location and then copy the updated spec files back into your project. Simply opening the Spec Viewer in your project to view the updated spec will reload it into Plant 3D.


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    Victor Duque

    Excellent. my problem was solved.
    Thank you

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