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    by Chris Turner

    Even though not officially released just yet, I have started having a look at Vault 2014. Here are some of my top new features so far: -


    • 2 x the speed with performance improvements through parallel download processing.

    • 2014 Vault client is now 64 bit enabled, which means faster client performance on resource heavy tasks such as copy design and a reduction in "out of memory" issues.

    • Increased efficiency with improvements to most of the used workflows. The Get/Check Out dialogs have been redesigned to make the most commonly used settings easily accessible, with improved performance through collapsible display and underlying download architecture.


    • Open from Vault Explorer Behaviours - In an effort to consolidate user workflows and improve usability, the Open command in Vault Explorer has been modified to align with the CAD integrations. Instead of the previous behaviour of gathering file dependencies based on file revision, the Open command in Vault explorer retrieves the latest file versions, meaning that the user will see the same default file results whether opening from Vault Explorer or CAD.
    • Change State on Locally Modified File - The Change State command now permits change of state on locally modified files from within the CAD application resolving workflow bottlenecks from previous releases.
    • Vault Client Preview Improvements - In an effort to improve previewing interaction and performance a new carousel preview interface allows users to cycle through thumbnails of the document history without loading the dwf and then load the higher quality dwf preview for their selection.

    The Inventor Vault Add-in browser now exposes additional managed information to easily recognize your design data within the Vault browser. Simply configure which Vault file details you want to expose in your Inventor Browser using the Choose Properties.


    • Job Processor - Supporting the needs of enterprise automations the job processor has been re-configured to better manage memory and application churn. Logging has also been improved to better capture and report issues.

    • Improvements to Replication - Lessons learned from the current implementation of replication technology have resulted in a number of server side improvements to optimize performance in Vault 2014.



    • The Autodesk Vault product family is now compatible with: -
      • Autodesk Vault Clients support Windows 8.
      • Autodesk Vault Web Client supports IE 10.
      • Autodesk Data Management Server supports MS SQL Server 2012.


    There are quite a few other enhancements also, but watch this space and I will be adding more.




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