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    by Chris Turner

    Some anti-virus programs may restrict some Vault operations and may also cause some performance issues. All Anti-Virus software is different and will need to be configured accordingly (contact your supplier), but typically you should do some checks to make sure it’s not giving you a headache and causing issues.

    Each environment is different, but make sure that the anti-virus is not scanning the same files multiple times. Files may be scanned in the local client workspace, then again with all inbound / outbound network traffic, then the server itself may be scanning all inbound / outbound network traffic, then the server may also be scanning the Vault Filestore!

    In general, making some tweaks to the anti-virus software, may just help you have a better vault experience.

    On the Client

    Create exclusions for specific applications to prevent them from any real-time scanning or firewall inclusion.  This typically includes any of your CAD applications, like Inventor or AutoCAD and the Vault software. Such as: -

    • Connectivity.VaultPro.exe
    • Autoloader.exe
    • JobProcessor.exe
    • Acad.exe
    • Inventor.exe


    On the Server

    In addition to the above exclusions for the client, the Vault Filestore itself could also be set as excluded.

    This would include: -

    • w3wp.exe
    • Connectivity.ADMSConsole.exe



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