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    by Chris Turner

    I often get asked about decreasing the amount of time that the Autodesk Vault Job Processor takes to check the server for any new job that need to be processed. The default is every 10 minutes, which even for me is also a bit long to wait.

    If you would like to change this, the time delay can be adjusted by editing the JobProcessor.exe.config file.

    Navigate to the\Autodesk\Vault [edition]\Explorer\ directory.

    If you are using Vault Professional 2013 like me, this is the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Vault Professional 2013\Explorer\ folder.

    Open the JobProcessor.exe.config file with Notepad (Be sure to make a backup of this file first!).

    In the file under the ‘appSettings’ section, look for the following line that sets the “PeriodInMinutes”

    The vault is set to 10 which means 10 minutes, but you can lower this down as needed. Keep in mind that the time must be a minimum value of 1.

    All that’s needed is to save the file and restart the Job Processor.


    The Job Processor will now ‘poll’ for jobs to be done every minute.