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    by Clint Brown

    This morning before my classes started I did a quick walk down the road to the sign. Amazingly, it was raining, so the skies are very grey.

    I left off yesterday, on my way to attend a class about the AutoCAD API through HTTP. It turns out the Autodesk are busy testing a bit of new technology called I/O, which is potentially very powerful, as it allows for AutoCAD commands to be run on a remote server, it's still early days, so it will be interesting to see how this all evolves.

    Last night the exhibition hall opened, and we spent some time talking to our friends at Global E training their stand was pretty manic, as there was a lot of interest in their training offering.

    My highlights were 2 fold, first off the worlds fastest motorcycle, made by Lightning motorcycles. It's electric and does 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds.

    More impressive though is the Mono. A British built and designed road legal race car. It is a thing of beauty. I was lucky enough to chat to the designer Ian Briggs and Andrew Whitney, one of the Directors.


     I included a video below, because my photo does not do it any justice.

    Today was a bit of a strange day, because it revolved mainly around top secret new features presentations, which I am not allowed to talk or blog about, so apologies for not shedding too much light there. What I can tell you is that these sessions are my absolute favourites, there are some amazing new technologies being developed by Autodesk, that will have very positive impacts on the products that we know and love.


    Check back tomorrow for more news from #AU2014

    And just for fun, this is Jeremy Clarkson's face when driving the mono.



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