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    by Chris Turner

    Many Vault Customers use the Inventor Desktop Content Center even though they can install it centrally in the Vault ADMS. There are advantages doing this in terms of performance and of course, you can still insert Content when you are not on the network and logged into Vault. However, keeping the libraries centrally in the Vault can also have its benefits. You can ensure that everyone uses the same Content (especially if you have customised any libraries) and also each client won’t need the massive amount of disk space.


    Changing this recently for a customer who wanted to add the Inventor Content Libraries into the Vault, I thought I would outline the procedure I used.


    1. Rather than running the whole Vault Server Installer again or hassle about manually attaching the databases, you can find it on the media in the following location.
    2. \Content\LibraryContent
    3. From here you can double-click the ContentLibrarySetup.exe and this will uncompress the content and automatically attach ALL the libraries to the Vault.

    4. IMPORTANT: I have found that if you have an Administrator password in the Vault, please remove it otherwise this won’t work and you will get errors. Remember to put it back afterwards

    5. When you run this, it will appear initially that nothing is in fact happening, but be patient and give it a minute or two (or 3). You will get the pop up similar to this one as it imports each Library


    On a side note, doing this does increase the size of the Vault, but remember you can exclude the backup of the standard content libraries. These can always be restored again from the media if needed.




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