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    by Chris Turner

    I have been having a quick look at Vault 2013 and I just thought I would share some of the great new Vault Integration Enhancements…

    Integrated with Inventor 2013, Vault 2013 includes

    • OPEN and PLACE dialog improvements. You can now
      • Include Icon and Thumbnail views
      • Add/Remove Property columns (drag & drop)
      • Sort Columns
      • Search more easily with improved workflow
      • Use Find Filtering


    • With CHECK IN you can now
      • Scan your local Workspace for Related Parts / Drawings
      • Check files in regardless of the Level OF Details and suppressed components


    • Additional improvements include
      • OPEN related Parts
      • Change File Category directly inside Inventor
      • AutoCAD SYNERGY
        • Vault support for documenting Inventor Models in AutoCAD





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