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    by Chris Turner

    I don’t think many users know about this useful tool, so I thought I would add this to my blog.

    The Drawing Resource Transfer Wizard is a command that copies drawing resources from a source drawing to a target drawing. This is great if you need to: -

    • Transfer selected title blocks, borders, and sketched symbols to multiple drawings.
    • Optionally replace existing resources in the target drawing :-)


    You can find this tool in the Inventor 2012 Tools under the computer Start menu >Programs >Autodesk>Autodesk Inventor 2012>  Tools  Drawing Resource Transfer Wizard.

    The wizard simply runs you through the Drawing Resource Transfer process.

    Simply Specify the Source Drawing that you want to transfer Resources from and then specify the target file or files.

    Definitely a great tool to update or replace Title Blocks etc… Your drawing Properties can also be maintained.




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