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    By Chris Turner

    We have noted that in Inventor 2012, the right-click ‘Context Menu’ can in some cases disappear off the screen. From having a look at the Autodesk forums online, this does appear to be an ‘undesirable feature’ at the moment and it has been logged with Autodesk. This can be annoying especially when working with large assemblies and you would like to use ‘Find In Browser’ or ‘iProperties’. 

    Until this is addressed, I would recommend that  you customise the Marking Menu and perhaps replace a couple of the existing commands that you don’t use all that often to include these instead. You can do the following. 

    Under the TOOLS tab in Inventor, select the CUSTOMISE icon.

    In the CUSTOMISE dialog, select the MARKING MENU tab and pick your required Environment and Sub-Environment. In my example I am modifying this for assemblies.

    You can now replace any of the existing MARKING MENU command icons with others as required. Simply pick the icon and then select the command on the right. I have changed ‘Move Component’ with ‘iProperties’.

    Change any others that you like and once done, click APPLY. Your desired commands are now available really close to where you are working.