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    By Andy Davis

    A few days ago, Autodesk released AutoCAD Plant 3D 2014 Extension 1 to subscription customers. This extension introduces specific features that significantly enhance the capability of the application.

    The headline features are:

    Bill of Material tables on Ortho drawings
    Centre of Gravity calculations
    Additional Isometric features
    Weight values added to ASME content packs
    Associative Dimensions in the 3D model

    To save you searching, I’ve copied in the release notes provided by Autodesk. I’ve left in the links to the online help file if you wish to explore any of the features further. You can find the original document here: http://docs.autodesk.com/PLNT3D/2014/ENU/index.html?url=filesPSU/GUID-E5400D64-AF66-4B54-B31B-08F5D1B7103C.htm,topicNumber=PSUd30e136

    Compatibility with AutoCAD Plant 3D 2014

    Projects and drawings created with AutoCAD Plant 3D 2014 Extension 1 are compatible with AutoCAD Plant 3D 2014 projects and drawings. As a subscription customer, you can share drawings and work in projects with customers using any version of AutoCAD Plant 3D 2014.

    Ortho Bill of Material (BOM) tables

    You can now create a BOM table for an ortho view. Piping, pipe supports, and equipment are listed in the Ortho BOM table.

    For more information, see About Ortho Bill of Material (BOM).

    Centre of Gravity (COG)
    A new Analysis tab has been added to the Ribbon which works with weights and COG for piping, pipe supports, equipment, and structure.

    Weights can be included in the spec or set in the model using the Properties Palette.


    You can display COG tooltips the model or use Report Creator.


    For more information, see About Center of Gravity (COG).

    Isometric Improvements (Isos)

    You can now set default values for advanced options (such as congestion level) for the project.

    Resistoflex piping is supported.

    Placement of dimensions and annotations has been improved to reduce crossings.

    For more information, see Isometrics in AutoCAD Plant 3D Extension 1.

    New Content Packs
    Content packs are available to subscription and non-subscription customers. Although live COG is available only in Extension 1, you can set weight and COG values in any version of AutoCAD Plant 3D 2014 (both in the 3D Model and in the Spec Editor).

    Specs that include weight and support Resistoflex piping are available on Autodesk Plant Exchange: Content Packs.

    Associative Dimensions

    Associative dimensions are now supported in the 3D model.



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